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Please submit your abstract until 16th of June 2021
Please register until 13th of September – free registration


At the GBS annual Meeting we will have different forms of presentation:

Keynote Speaker: These speakers were invited by the local organizers and will give a keynote speech to start each session.

Proffered Paper Presentation: We encourage all participants to submit an abstract to the scientific committee. The abstracts will be blind reviewed and ranked by the scientific committee and upon their ranking we will choose the best abstract from each topic for an oral presentation (called proffered paper presentation). During this presentation each presenter has the opportunity to show the data to the audience and have the time for discussion.

Poster Presentation: All abstracts which were not chosen for the proffered paper presentation were collected for the poster presentation. We will organize two guided poster presentations with an evaluation by leading scientists. Since we want to have all posters during the whole conference, we will also organize “open poster sessions” were each can look and/or present posters.

Abstract Submission (only with draft):

You can now submit your contribution online by uploading a word file. A word processing draft can be downloaded here. Please strongly use this draft and keep the restrictions. Please save the file with your abstract with the following file name: [last name]_[first name]_[city]_[date(jjjjmmdd)]

Please upload only word (or openoffice) readable files.

If you are not able to open the draft file, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Rothkamm by mail (k.rothkamm@uke.de).

We want to encourage all participants to submit their abstract to the scientific committee. In addition, the GBS will allocate travel awards to a number of abstracts. In addition there will be a poster evaluation and a poster award at the end of the meeting.

The abstract submission is now closed!