Matching process procedure

A successful Mentoring-Program requires the motivated participation of both sides, i.e. of mentor and mentee. In order to achieve a free and unbiased communication about career planning and personal development of the mentee it is necessary to build a trusting foundation between mentor and mentee. Finding best suitable matches will help with building this foundation between mentor and mentee (hereafter referred to as a tandem); therefore, the application process requires the completion of a questionnaire. Within this questionnaire interests, perspectives, and wishes concerning the Mentoring-Program will be asked among other (personal) information. This way we hope to ensure similar interests between the tandems, additionally it will help in finding the mentor with the best expertise in the field the mentee has defined as his/her area of interest. After a pre-selection by the jDeGBS committee, participants in the program will receive information about potential tandem partners. On this basis and an additional first jDeGBS-mediated contact, all participants can give a feedback about their ideal tandem partner for the Mentoring-Program.

In order to form as many and diverse tandems as possible, the application for a mentoring position is not only restricted to experienced senior scientists, but also to committed PostDocs and other occupational groups (physicians, physicists, as well as individuals working in the industry) that see themselves fit to aid young scientists on their career path and individual needs.