jDeGBS peer consulting groups and networking possibilities

The peer-consulting groups are an additional offer for young scientists providing a framework to expand a personal network. We offer the possibility to join these small groups of the same career level to all participants of the jDeGBS-Mentoring-Program and all other interested young scientists. The groups will be formed by the jDeGBS committee and E-mail addresses will be forwarded to members of respective groups. Within the framework of the peer-consulting groups, individual groups are expected to operate independent from other jDeGBS activities. Members of the individual groups can be a first contact for questions and problems but also give the opportunity to exchange methods, experiences or for the formation of future co-operations.

The individual peer-consulting groups should meet up at least twice/year and exchange current and important topics, similar to the Mentoring-Program, one personal meeting of the participants is encouraged. The jDeGBS will try to organize a room or other appropriate meeting area (depending on the local circumstances) at the Annual DeGBS Meeting or the Young Scientist Symposium. Fundamental questions and “hot topics” can be addressed within the jDeGBS Online Seminar Series after consultation with the jDeGBS committee.


For participants of the jDeGBS-Mentoring-Program:

Please check the appropriate box on the questionnaire stating you wish to participate in the peer-consulting groups.

For interested young scientists independent from the Mentoring-Program:

Please write an E-mail including your name, position, and a short self-assessment of your current career level to Lisa Deloch (lisa.deloch@uk-erlangen.de) or Johanna Mirsch (mirsch@bio.tu-darmstadt.de).