Mentoring process

The Mentoring-Program is initially limited to the duration of one year; however, if the tandem wish to proceed over a longer period, the program can be extended. Tandems should meet 3-4 times/year in a suitable form of encounter; at least one of these meetings should take place in person (if the current situation allows for it). The Annual DeGBS Meeting or the Young Scientist Symposium could be a good setting for a personal meeting. During the meetings an exchange of experiences should take place that mainly focuses on the individual challenges of the current position of the mentee and how he or she can proceed to the career they wish to achieve. It is important to stress that the mentor is not meant to substitute for or replace the doctoral supervisor. Instead, a foundation of trust should be pursued that ultimately enables the tandems to engage in a personal exchange and, in the best case, enables the mentee to gain a foothold within the scientific society and actively contribute to it.